Pulse Tech 12v 2 Watt Solar Charger with Desulfator Controller SP-2


PulseTech SP-2 solar charging system prevents the normal loss of battery power on vehicles stored outside no matter how long they sit unused–even months at a time. Industrial strength unbreakable 2-watt charger provides clean quiet energy for 12-volt lead acid type batteries; including AGM and Gel type.

PulseTech uses patented scientifically proven technology that actually reduces the performance robbing lead-sulfate crystals that form on battery plates. By reducing the size of these damaging crystals, batteries can work at maximum capacity even when the vehicle is sitting unused. Batteries work harder and longer than ever thought possible.



  • Helps offset energy robbing key-off parasitic loads
  • Batteries last up to 3 times longer
  • 17 foot quick disconnect cord
  • Low profile indestructable solar panel


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